European Talent Competition at Soundtrack_Cologne 16

DATE LIMITE: 30.06.2019

European Talent Competition at Soundtrack_Cologne 16

​Create your own world of music!

Zeigt euer Können und vertont einen von SoundTrack_Cologne vorgegeben Kurzfilm. Macht mit bei der EUROPEAN TALENT COMPETITION in den Kategorien WDR FILMSCORE AWARD und SOUNDDESIGN und gewinnt eine eintägige Aufnahme-Session einer eigenen Komposition mit dem WDR Funkhausorchester Köln oder eine 5.1 Kurzfilm-Kinomischung in einem renommierten Tonstudio in Deutschland.

​Quelle: Soundtrack_Cologne

“Regulations EUROPEAN TALENT COMPETITION at SoundTrack_Cologne 16, 2019:

To join the EUROPEAN TALENT COMPETITION in the categories “WDR FILMSCORE AWARD” and “SOUND DESIGN” you have to be

a) an active student in the field of sound design/sound and/or composition at an European film and/or music school (without age limit)


b) a European creative in the field of sound design and / or composition/music and younger than 31 years (i.e. by the time of your submission to the EUROPEAN TALENT AWARD, you must be aged 30 or under)


Your application for the SoundTrack_Cologne 16 competition will only be processed if

a) you fill in the application form correctly and fully in English. Wrong details or entries like “blank blank blank”, “Please request this at …”, links to websites or similar entries will automatically lead to a disqualification of the submission!

b) you study in the areas of editing, sound design, sound, composing, music or you are younger than 31 years

c) you have sent in a complete application including your short biography, filmography and photography

d) you have read and accepted our participation conditions and the students’ set of rules as stated below.

e) you have accepted to provide further personal details together with your actual submission


C) SET OF RULES – Please read carefully!!!

there are no rules - except:

1. Create your own world of sounds!

2. Create your own world of music!

3. Create your own “audiosphere” in relation to the visual world of the film.

4. No compilation or usage of archived music is allowed! Of course the usage of SFX and sample sound libraries is allowed!

5.Musical composition and sound design will be judged as two creative arts that complement one another in a significant and distinctive way. Of course musical elements and those of sound design can take over the function of each other. Sounddesigner and composer will based on their reply in the respective question automatically join the competition in the discipline “Sounddesign” and / or “Filmscore” (WDR Filmscore Award).

6. Even if the Prize will be a recording session with a symphonic Orchestra that does not mean that the Jury will prefer orchestral works! Find the sounds and music that show your creativity, give the jury an impression of your special musical character. Convince them by being a distinctive composer! But don’t forget: You have to score and create sounds for that specific film “Do you like Godard?”.

7. To complete your submission, please follow the link provided with the email about your application. Fill in the submission form (not the application form):
- Personal details
- Short biography (max 500 characters) in English language
- Filmography (max 4.000 characters) in English language
- Information about your studies and current work

8. Upload your data in one ZIP-file named “” to a server or online platform of your choice. Please make sure that:
a. Your file is accessible without prior registration (e.g. on Dropbox and similar platforms)
b. Your file is accessible without an expiry date
Put the link (and password if needed) in the respective fields in the submission form.

9. File format for the audio files is Stereo, mp3 with 320 kbps and a resolution of 48kHz. Only the nominees will later on be asked to send wave files.

10. For the competition screening we are going to synchronize the audio files with the picture. To be safe please set a beep on your audio file exactly at the same position where you find the beep in the quicktime – 2” before the first image.


12. The SoundTrack_Cologne committee will select the 12 best entries for the final shortlist. Shortlisted films will be shown during SoundTrack_Cologne 16 on Saturday, August 31st, 2019 in front of the public audience and the jury.


D) Further Regulations

SoundTrack_Cologne is the organiser of the competition “EUROPEAN TALENT COMPETITION” which will take place during SoundTrack_Cologne 16. The contestant will participate in the competition and will, within this context, create a new soundtrack (music/special effects) for the following film:

Title: Do you like Godard?

Directed by: Florian Vey

Cinematographer: David-Simon Groß

Composer Original Music: Anna Marlene Bicking

Original Sounddesign: Randolf Ehret, Aaron Manggold

Duration: 7’02”

Produced by: Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Date and country of production: 2017 Germany


Image Credtis: Soundtrack Cologne

European Talent Competition at Soundtrack_Cologne 16
Soundtrack Cologne

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