Composition prize

DATE LIMITE: 13.01.2019

Composition prize

Composition Prize

The 14th Murau International Music Festival (MIMF) will take place from April 15th to 27th,

2019 and will include a workshop program as well as a concert series. Composers have the
opportunity to submit previously unpublished scores on this year’s theme of ̏Breaking
new ground”. Two pieces selected by a jury will be premiered at the Gala concert on April
26th and will be presented optionally at another concert on April 27th. The composition prize
is endowed with a total of 1,700 Euros. The two first-placed works are endowed as follows:
1st Prize: 1000 Euros
2nd Prize: 700 Euros
The jury reserves the right to propose optionally a third work without payment of prize
money for the premiere.
Deadline for submission: 13th January 2019
Announcement of the results: 18th February 2019
Breaking new ground
The festival 2019 centers on “Breaking new ground”. Whether it involves an adventure or a
new stage in one’s life or whether it is a matter of social changes, the spirit of optimism is
one of anticipation, enthusiasm and confidence, but also of doubts and nervousness which
must be overcome. It is precisely within this emotional area of tension that the attraction
and enchantment of breaking new ground lies. Creative minds are invited to explore this
topic and submit their works.
Criteria for submission
 Instrumentation:
- - Mixed choir (SATB) (mandatory)
- - String quintet (optional)
- - Piano (optional)
- - Vocal solos (optional)
 Genre: Choir music (classical), Gospel, World music
 Length: max. 3–5 minutes
 Languages: German or English
 Level of difficulty: medium
 Only unpublished, non-premiered and not printed compositions to date
 The submitted composition must be an original work. Arrangements and
transcriptions are excluded from participation.
The following is required
 Fully edited performance material (score and parts) as a PDF file. The vocal parts
have to be made available as a piano score. The entire composition may contain
absolutely no clues as to the identity of the composer.
 If the score was written with a notation program, we also ask you to submit the
audio file in MP3 format.
 A short description of the work (min. 400, max. 4000 characters incl. spaces)
 A short biography; in case of teams, a short description of the team including
complete mention of names of all involved, (min. 400, max. 4000 characters incl.
All scores will be submitted anonymously to the jury for evaluation.
The composers of selected works will be personally informed and the decision will be
announced on
The decision of the jury is final.
In addition, she or he is invited to the Gala concert as a guest of the festival and will be
presented to the audience. Accommodation and meals in Murau are also included at the
invitation of the festival organizers.
A submission is no grounds for a legal claim.
Please submit contributions online only using the online form provided via
Any further questions can be addressed to Marko Zeiler by email at:
Kindly note that further information and any possible changes as well as details about the
festival program are posted on a regular basis on
We are looking forward to your submissions!

Composition prize