1st Foshan Composers Contest 2022

DATE LIMITE: 01.09.2022

1st Foshan Composers Contest 2022

The 1st Foshan Composers Contest 2022 is a new competition created with the aim of encouraging composers to create new music celebrating the city of Foshan.

Composers of all ages and nationalities are invited to participate in this contest by writing a composition for an ensemble with Chinese and Western instruments.

Works submitted should be inspired by and reflect the theme of Foshan and its Intangible Cultural Heritage. The compositions should aim to blend traditional Cantonese folkloristic music and Western music, suitable for the general public and connected with Foshan culture.

Ten nominated pieces will be premiered during the Final Concert on October 29th, 2022 at the Shunde Performing Arts Center, Foshan, China.

Total money prize of 100.000 RMB / ~ 14.000 €
No age limit. All nationalities. No entry fee. Anonymous judging.
Composition for an ensemble of 5-18 mixed instruments.

Please see for all information.

1st Foshan Composers Contest 2022

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