She Lives Budapest Prize

DATE LIMITE: 31.10.2020

She Lives Budapest Prize

She Lives, a leading music association in Europe in the spread of contemporary music, is pleased to announce the first edition of the “She Lives Budapest Prize” Composition Competition.

1. The competition is open to composers of all ages and nationalities.
2. The object of the competition is the composition of a piece for piano for one performer. Prepared piano and the use of electronic tracks and fixed media is allowed. Live electronics is not permitted.
The piece must not exceed 25 minutes in length. There are no minimum duration limits.
The piece may have already been performed but must not have been published by a publishing house.
3. There are no style limits. The jury will evaluate the musical mastery, the quality and originality of the writing.

Prize pool: 3000 Euros


October 31, 2020


concours de composition