2nd Beethoven Composers’ Competition at the Buda Castle

DATE LIMITE: 14.03.2019

2nd Beethoven Composers’ Competition at the Buda Castle

The municipality of the Buda Castle district announces the 2nd Beethoven Composers Competition as part of the Beethoven in Buda Festival.


Participation at the competition is subject to application. Applicants are to submit an individual, previously not performed composition, based on a recognizable motive of Beethoven’s Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 5 in F major, Op. 24 „Spring”.

No age limitations or entry fees apply.

The length of the piece should be 7-12 minutes and it should be composed for piano and violin. The instruments are to be played acoustically, no electronics can be used. Preparation of the piano is not permitted.

One applicant may enter a maximum of three works, each of which should have an independent pseudonym. The author’s name cannot appear on the sheet music.

The anonymous entries are to be sent electronically in PDF format to the email address by 12 noon (CET) on 14 March 2019. They should clearly indicate the pseudonym as well as the personal details (address, contact information and a brief CV with photo) of the composer. Applicants may also enclose an MP3 recording (excluding MIDI realization) but this is not mandatory. As the competition is anonymous, the identity of the awarded composer will only be revealed to the members of the jury subsequent to their decision. Entries can also be submitted to the Customer Service Desk of the Municipality of the Buda Castle District (1014 Budapest, Kapisztrán tér 1.) or sent in by post to the address 1250 Budapest, Pf. 35. In case of submission by post, the envelope has to arrive at the address by the deadline. The envelope has to bear the pseudonym and the name of the competition: “2nd Beethoven Composers’ Competition at the Buda Castle”.

Applicants acknowledge the fact that the compositions selected for award will be performed publicly and recorded audio-visually at the Beethoven in Buda Festival in 2019. The competition is international. The organizers provide accommodation for two nights to international awardees.


The entries will be evaluated by a jury invited by the Municipality of the Buda Castle District.

Members of the jury are:
The jury announces the names of the winners by 26 March 2019 latest. The awardees are also notified by the Festival Bureau. The awardees commit to sending the instrumental parts of the prize-winning compositions to the Festival Organizers in PDF format within one week of the notification.

  • Miklós Maros, Jury Chairman – Composer
  • Gyula Fekete – Composer, University Professor
  • Sándor Kovács – Music Historian, Music Critic
  • János Mácsai – Music Historian, Music Critic
  • Péter Tornyai – Composer, Chamber Musician

The jury’s decision is not subject to appeal or review. The jury has the right to divide the prize or not to award it at all.

The total prize money of the competition is €6000. (1st place: €3000, 2nd place: €2000, 3rd place: €1000) The winner compositions will be presented at the Beethoven in Buda Festival at the concert on 2 May 2019.

The copyright of the entries is owned by the composers.

All visual and written material related to the competition is the intellectual property of the organizer (the Municipality of the Buda Castle District). Such material can only be used, copied or reproduced with the written consent of the organizer.

The personal details of the competitors will only be registered for the purposes of the competition and will not be transferred to third parties.

By entering the competition, the competitor accepts the above terms and conditions.

Budapest, 29 November 2018

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